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Michael Chavez

I am an ASE master Automotive Technician. I have been in the Auto industry for 35 years. Over the years I have worked for many shops; I have worn many hats in my career from a technician to a manager and everything in between. I have learned over the years how I want to have customers treated, and also how not to treat them. Every shop has been a learning experience and a stepping stone for who I have become today. 

I believe in "The customer is the backbone for my existence" . With today's technology and social media and YouTube at everybody's finger tips, the customers of today expect much more for their money, and have a lot more knowledge of cars. The "Backyard Mechanic" is soon becoming history. With the amount of diagnostic equipment and the cost associated, it is impossible to be able to accurately repair today's vehicles without a substantial investment. Over the last 35 years I have obtained most tools necessary to accomplish any task needed.