Roxanne Nelson

Roxanne started in July as the Office Manager at Mikey’s, and has been in the car industry for seven and a half years. She’s know Mike for years, since they worked at CarMax together. When she’s not managing the office (and let’s face it, Mike too), she’s home with her husband Tim, and her two kids, Claleigh and Baylor.

Roxanne loves working at Mikey’s. She says, “It’s very different here versus other car places. Here, it’s always about taking care of the customers first, not focusing just on the numbers.”


Brandon Owings

Brandon has been at Mikey’s since February 2018, though he’s known Mike since they worked at CarMax together over four years ago. Brandon’s been working with cars since he was kid, and professionally since 2007, and has his Master Automobile Technician ASE certification.

When Brandon’s not slaving away at Mikey’s he volunteers as a Firefighter and EMT for the Divide Fire Department.

Of all the places he’s work, Brandon loves Mikey’s the best. “What’s different about here is our customer base. Our customers are fantastic!”


Jeff Marcoux

Jeff started at Mikey’s beginning of 2018, though he’s been working with cars since he was five years old. At 29 years old Jeff is the youngest employee at Mikey’s, but that doesn’t stop him from carrying the weight of the store on his shoulders.

After finishing his shifts Jeff heads home to be with his family; his wife Megan and two-and-a-half year old son Henry.

Jeff loves working at Mikey’s. He says, “Mike is a cool boss and makes his shop a fun environment to work in. It makes the time go by fast when it’s fun. Plus, it’s more family oriented here compared to other shops.”

Travis Locroccio

Travis has been at Mikey’s since August of 2018, though he’s known Mike for over eight years since they worked together at Aspen Auto Clinic. Travis has been working on cars since he was 22 years old, and currently has his ASE Master with L-1 certificate.

When Travis isn’t doing Mike’s heavy lifting, he’s spending time with his wife Jamie, and his daughter Angelina.

Travis came to work at Mikey’s so he could be part of a smaller business community. “I like the small, local business, as opposed to big corporations. You know, the ‘mom and pop’ shops. We deal with customers on a personal level. Here’s it’s not just business, it’s personal.”